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Session Moderator: Karen Soares

These presentations are rapid fire 5 minutes – 20 slides each, with opportunities for Q&A at the end of all of the presentations. This year’s fast paced, information packed session provides new insights into a wide variety of topics.  Enjoy creative presentations on passive solar, use of art in solar education in schools and communities, role of African women and youth in solar, solar and storage education, building batteries better, poultry industry and solar, agrivoltaics 101, regeneration and sustainability, Green Actioneers, and more.


Aug 05 2021


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Center Ballroom


  • Aaron Boone
    Aaron Boone
    Environmental Solutions and Innovations, Inc.

    As a recognized published expert in ornithology, Aaron Boone has more than 17 years of experience as an ornithologist and works throughout North America covering multiple ecological regions and advising clients across multiple industries. Prior to his work in ecological consulting, Aaron served as a research associate at The Ohio State University’s Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab and managed overall research and public survey efforts for Ohio’s second breeding bird atlas project. Because bird identification is a broad, complicated topic requiring very specialized expertise, Aaron’s overall understanding of North American birds is critical in balancing industry needs with conservation goals.
    Presentation Title: The emerging role of autonomous recording technology in pre- and post-construction bird monitoring studies at utility-scale solar energy developments

    Presentation Description: ARU technology is improving the effectiveness of bird conservation efforts. Bird conservation is an important part of renewable energy and electric infrastructure development, regardless of federal migratory bird regulatory uncertainty. Aside from concern for federal and state threatened and endangered species, state wildlife agencies maintain lists of species of conservation need as a part of state wildlife action plans. Solar energy siting is important since development has direct impacts on birds, such as habitat removal. Additionally, collision mortality impacts a wide range of avian species at photovoltaic solar energy facilities, but this collision risk is not yet understood well.

  • Andy Bingle
    Andy Bingle
    Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center

    Andy is the co-founder and Education Director of the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center, a nonprofit connecting students and community members to clean energy, local food and sustainable land use through agrivoltaic experiences at Jack’s Solar Garden south of Longmont. Andy is a recent graduate of the Masters of the Environment program specializing in Renewable Sustainable Energy at CU Boulder and was the president of the CU Energy Club. Before coming to CU he worked for five years as the Interpretive Programs Manager at the International Crane Foundation teaching conservation issues to K-12 audiences and community members in Wisconsin.
    Presentation Title: Agrivoltaics 101

    Presentation Description: The traditional vegetation management technique of growing turf or leaving bare ground under solar panels can lead to decreased water retention, less soil stability, reduced carbon sequestration, and loss of habitat for pollinators, birds, and wildlife. But there is hope, agrivoltaics, the practice of planting vegetation or implementing grazing under solar panels, can reduce the environmental impacts of large solar installations. This short ~switch presentation will discuss the history of agrivoltaics, will show examples of current agrivoltaic farms and will project the role of agrivoltaics into the future.

  • Anita Ledbetter
    Anita Ledbetter
    Build San Antonio Green

    Anita has been working for the community of San Antonio as the Executive Director of Build San Antonio Green for 17 years, where she has worked to build San Antonio’s nationally recognized affordable green building program and is a champion for the equitable distribution of solar for all people. Anita has served on several City planning committees and boards including the City of San Antonio’s Sustainable Building Code Task Force, SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan, SAWS Citizens Advisory Committee, San Antonio Bike Share, EPIcenter Advisory Council, 2030 District, Municipal Bond Oversight Commission, and was Co-Chair of the SA Climate Ready Plan. Her passion for people and vision for the future are at the heart of Build San Antonio Green’s continued success and evolution.
    Presentation Title: Regeneration is the new Sustainability: Building a Climate Ready San Antonio

    Presentation Description: As we are all working toward finding solutions for the climate crisis it’s time to leave behind the notion of sustainability and move forward in a sprit of regeneration and start to explore solutions for mitigation and adaptation that utilize current and emerging technologies.

  • Carol Flueckiger
    Carol Flueckiger
    Texas Tech University

    Carol Flueckiger is an artist who uses sunlight to make mixed media artwork. Her signature painting technique builds on cyanotype, a light sensitive chemical, activated by sunlight, that she incorporates into her drawing and painting. Her workshop, Solar Powered Painting, gets participants to think and understand solar energy via art. She has conducted workshops with a range of university and socially engaged groups. She serves on the art faculty for School of Art, Texas Tech University and her artwork is represented by Charles Adams Gallery in Lubbock, TX.
    Presentation Title: Solar Powered Painting

    Presentation Description: My presentation is compelling because it engages art as a partner in solar energy movement. Thru a workshop titled Solar Powered Painting, art enthusiasts are able to connect their love of art-making to their interest in solar energy. It is important to include other disciplines into the conversation about solar energy as the world shifts its perspective toward renewable resources.

  • Dave Finnigan
    Dave Finnigan
    Green Actioneers

    I’m a Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association. I’ve been presenting school programs ending with Family Night since 1976 and have presented one-day programs in over 2,000 schools in 46 states. I was trained by Al Gore in January 2007, but had to toss out his gloomy slides because our program is entirely positive and about solutions and sustainability. Most recently I’ve worked with over 60 undergraduate interns to create a one-day instructional program, Family Workbook and website to help families “go green.”
    BA Cornell, MPH UC Berkeley
    Presentation Title: We’re All Green Actioneers Now

    Presentation Description: Families know they need to go green, but don’t know how to start. That’s where the Green Actioneers program comes in. Think of it as “scouting focused on green.” We aren’t selling a product or program. We’re providing tools schools can use to bring their community together for Family Night where they learn about all the steps they can take to “go green.” Our school program and Green Actioneers Workbook are ready and we are developing the website where families can go to learn, to brag about their accomplishments and see what other families have done.

  • John Martin
    John Martin
    Himcen Battery

    “Jack” is an active researcher and lecturer on a broad range of environmentally
    sustainable systems. He is a certified DOE/Solar Instructor on the design, installation,
    commissioning, and performance testing of renewable energy systems.
    Jack is a keen supporter and advocate of solar energy and transportation. Jack enjoys assisting businesses develop in the area of sustainable technology. Areas of service include: mentoring, kickstarting small businesses, judging student competitions and designing new ideas. He is the Founder and President of the Triad Electric Vehicle Association. Organic Transit, Green Cycle Design, Light Electric
    Vehicle Association Tech Training and OutriderUSA are just a few of successful
    collaborations worked upon.
    Presentation Title: Structural Batteries for Light Electric vehicles and the Internet of things

    Presentation Description: During Tesla Battery day in September of 2020 a new battery size (4680) and concept of the battery pack being a structural part of the vehicle was introduced. Structural batteries have been around for sometime, but the new lithium battery size offers some great innovation possibilities. The Synergy of structure and power is an exciting concept covered in this switch presentation.

  • Joseph Simon
    Joseph Simon
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    Joe Simon is an architect focusing on the built environment through sustainable design, development, construction and analysis. At the National Renewable Energy Lab, he leads solar building design and district energy competitions and supports companies with technical assistance. He leads international sustainable workforce development including the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Build Challenge and the Solar District Cup competition. He holds Master of Architecture, MBA, and Bachelor of Architecture degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and serves on the executive committee for Levitt Pavilion Denver, operating an open-air amphitheater hosting 50 free concerts per year.
    Presentation Title: Lowering Barriers to Teaching Solar + Storage at Colleges Nationwide

    Presentation Description: In the DOE Solar District Cup, 60 teams from 50+ collegiate institutions annually work independently to envision solar + storage solutions for a campus or urban district. Many students have never learned about renewable energy before. Learn how we ensure all competitors, whether from an established program or one still cultivating new interest in renewable energy, can be successful and become more prepared for careers in solar.

  • Narelle Kipple
    Narelle Kipple
    Membership & Programs Coordinator, ASES

    Narelle graduated from the University of Colorado in May 2019 with a Mechanical Engineering degree and minor in Engineering Management. Narelle studied abroad with Semester at Sea and while traveling saw the awful amount of plastic and trash that pollutes our oceans. Upon returning, Narelle swore to become part of the solution both personally and professionally. Since returning, Narelle spent her summer working for Environment Colorado canvasing for a ban on Polystyrene in the state of Colorado. She then finished her degree with a capstone project helping MillerCoors’ increase the energy and water efficiency of their brewing process. Narelle’s hobbies include skiing, hiking with her pup, gardening, collecting houseplants, and learning about new sustainable alternatives and products. Narelle truly believes in the work of ASES and is excited to be a part of ASES and the renewable energy movement.

  • Sarah Younger
    Sarah Younger
    Living Arts Meta Programs, Inc.

    Artist and CoFounder of Living Arts Meta Programs, Inc., a not-for-profit providing educational programs integrating art, science, and humanities promoting sustainability through community-based outreach programs since 2009.
    Lead Software Developer for Anthology, Inc., a global enterprise level solution for Higher Education markets since 2008.
    Chair of Suwannee-St. Johns Group Sierra Club with over 2,000 members in 14 North Central Florida Counties.
    Have created and led sustainability educational workshops along with hands-on art build programs to students of all ages, ranging from elementary and high school to adults.
    Instituted community public art ventures highlighting solar and renewable energy systems.
    Winner of the 2013 People’s Choice Award of the International Kinetic Arts Festival a solar powered water wheel rain barrel.
    Presentation Title: Solar Art Gains S.T.E.A.M.

    Presentation Description: Using S.T.E.A.M. educational opportunities with an emphasis on Solar Art inspires the next generation of makers and creators to creatively solve the Climate Emergency. Einstein noted “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.”

  • Vince Lucia
    Vince Lucia
    Good Sun Solar

    “Having several founding and co-founding roles with start-up companies, I have the business intelligence for success by building business system infrastructure’s.”
    As a leader who contributes to bottom-line profitability, I utilize my experience in problem solving, team building and can do more with fewer resources. I meet milestones on time with confidence and determination through proven expertise in operational leadership overseeing sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, and customer service.
    Linking customer approval with financial profitability is key to growing the company brand
    Presentation Title:Recycle / Repurpose PV Modules

    Presentation Description: What Good Sun is doing with our resale model is Verifying Asset Recovery Value. Think of the used car market: when consumers feel their new purchase will retain value and fetch them a good price on the used market, they are more likely to buy a NEW car. The same works for solar. Our work in the secondary market inherently drives business to you in the primary market, while also helping to reduce project soft costs.
    Finally, promoting reuse over landfill, especially reuse that supports social causes, helps to increase your company’s sustainability footprint, which is good for everyone.

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