Solar 2021

Sustainability Track: Electric Vehicles

Session Moderator: Nigel Zeid

With the increasing efficiency of electric vehicles, batteries, and building design, charging electric vehicles is getting easier. Excess solar energy produced from photovoltaic on buildings and community solar grids can charge electric vehicles along with the earlier grid-produced electric charging stations and the increasing mini-PV shade and carport structures. Incentives for electric vehicles are increasing as are policies that encourage their use. New developments surrounding electric vehicles and example projects will be covered in the Electric Vehicles Session of the Sustainability Track.


Aug 04 2021


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Aspen Room East


  • Brian Ross
    Brian Ross
    Great Plains Institute

    Brian Ross, AICP, LEED GA, is a Vice President at the Great Plains Institute, leading GPI’s renewable energy market transformation efforts in the Midwest and nationally. He has worked with dozens of local, regional, and state governments on climate and energy planning, policy and regulation. He led GPI’s Solar Energy Innovation Network project on solar+EV market opportunities for workplace and public charging, for customer and grid benefit. Brian currently directs GPI’s technical assistance for the national SolSmart certification program for local governments and is helping lead national research efforts on integrating solar development with natural systems.
    Presentation Title: The grid case for solar synchronized EV charging

    Presentation Description: Electrification of transportation is an essential part of addressing the climate crisis, and increasing workplace and public charging options is an essential part of needed charging infrastructure. But transportation electrification can put distribution grid assets at risk, particularly as level 2 chargers are increasing in power and speed. Solar synchronized charging for workplace and public charging facilities can mitigate grid impacts by matching charging load to solar power production, creating a “solar+” value stack that provides new opportunities for commercial customers to gain value from solar and EV charging investment.

  • James Beregi
    James Beregi

    James Beregi is CEO and founder, in 2008, of Solar Transportation Technologies, Inc. He developed the Freedom Mass Transit concept over many years and has a patent on the critical vehicle control system.

    He is a retired IBM advisory systems engineer with extensive programming and computer performance tuning and analysis experience. He used a computer simulation in his work at IBM.

    He is a member and former member of several organizations: ITS – Intelligent transportation systems, Innovative Transportation Technologies at WSU, ITE – Institute of Transportation Engineers, and ATRA – The Advanced Transit Association, Friends of several TRB committees.
    Presentation Title: FREEDOM MASS TRANSIT

    Presentation Description: Climate change mitigation is the driving force behind The Green New Deal. Solar energy used to power transportation could reduce CO2 emissions by over 30%. And at the same time reduce the cost of transport. The concept of a solar-powered high-speed roadway could hasten the conversion to electric vehicles. And save the world from the worst effects of climate change by meeting the goals of reducing climate change.
    Presentation Co-authors

  • Kent Bullard
    Kent Bullard
    EV Advocates of Ventura County

    Kent Bullard has actively implemented sustainable practices since the last century. Until retirement in 2012 he was the maintenance supervisor for Channel Islands National Park. Now he performs quality auditing of the biodiesel industry, advocates locally and internationally for EV’s, solar and renewables.

    He’s received a White House Closing the Circle Award, two Federal Energy Management Awards and the Department of the Interior’s Environmental Achievement Award. He holds a BS in Occupational Education from Southern Illinois University and a MS in Quality Assurance from CSUDI. His personal commitment to sustainability includes his solar home, electric cars and a biodiesel truck.
    Presentation Title: The Renewable Trifecta

    Presentation Description: I am presenting about the importance of having a sustainable toolbox. It’s the ability for a simple solar install to empower customers to make lifestyle changes to reduce our carbon footprint and live in harmony with the environment.

    On a side note, I’ve not presented at ASES since 1997 in Washington D.C.

  • Matthew Metz
    Matthew Metz

    I am the founder and co-executive director of Coltura, an organization working to achieve a gasoline-free America by 2040. I am a lawyer and an expert on law and policy relating to the transition to electric cars. I recently wrote law review articles about the future of gas stations and about state vehicle electrification mandates. I led the coalition which passed the Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate in Washington State in March 2020, am presently leading the coalition to pass a vehicle electrification mandate in Washington State. I am the convener of a national coalition working on state vehicle electrification mandates. I was invited to give a lecture presentation on vehicle electrification mandates at EVS 33, the World EV Conference, and presented an official paper. I was formerly Vice President of Solar Washington.
    Presentation Title: State Vehicle Electrification Mandates and Solar Energy: A Great Match

    Presentation Description: This program focuses on vehicle electrification mandates, a leading policy worldwide for advancing vehicle electrification which is beginning to gain traction in the U.S. Vehicle electrification mandates will substantially increase demand for utility scale and rooftop solar, and will create the market certainty in the near term necessary to spur massive investment in power generation and EV charging infrastructure. The solar industry should be aware of and support EV mandates.

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