Solar 2021

Solar Advancements: Solar Performance

Session Moderator: Drew Gillett

One of the keys to achieving solar advancement is to develop techniques and methods that improve solar performance and efficiency with low material and processing complexities. In this session, three types of such high-performance solar technologies are presented, in terms of perovskite solar cells, solar-thermal cookers, and concentrated solar power systems. Some important performance parameters, such as conversion efficiency, stability, optimal temperature, and affordability have been specifically considered in these research efforts.


Aug 04 2021


10:45 am - 12:15 pm


Aspen Room East


  • Alan Bigelow
    Alan Bigelow
    Science Director at Solar Cookers International

    Alan Bigelow, Ph.D. joined Solar Cookers International (SCI) in 2016 as Science Director and Main Representative of SCI to the United Nations. He leads testing and performance evaluation programs at SCI and advocates for solar-thermal cooking at the United Nations. He has led solar cooking workshops internationally in India, Nepal, and Haiti, and has overseen fieldwork in Kenya. He participated in a solar expedition in Nepal where during nine days at high altitude all meals were prepared using portable solar cookers. Alan is a physicist and a solar cook, solar cooking at home as often as possible.

    Presentation Description: SCI started publishing PEP results reports in 2019 with 100% increase in results in 2020. SCI has gained insight through the process of testing that is valuable for empowering end users and has informed the ASES Tiny Watts program.
    SCI is a Regional Testing and Knowledge Center (RTKC), listed by the Clean Cooking Alliance. Evaluations are arranged by SCI and conducted at RTKCs in Lalitpur, Nepal; New York, USA; California, USA; and Nairobi, Kenya. SCI testing methods harmonize with these International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards for clean cookstoves and clean cooking solutions.
    SCI PEP results are posted here:

  • Dan Shea
    Dan Shea
    QD Solar Inc.
  • David Allen
    David Allen
    Founder at Elemental Dynamics

    David Allen EMBA, BSEET, CSM, CLE. Highly skilled, entrepreneurial-minded management professional with an extensive history creating innovative, cutting-edge solutions to complex customer needs. Extensive experience in personnel management, process and product development, with proven business acumen backed by advanced education and track record of successful business leadership. Excellent communication and presentation skills; able to transform cross-functional staff into cohesive teams that continually exceed expectations. Very hands-on mentoring people, developing processes and procedures, building, troubleshooting and validating hardware, software, test fixtures. Obsessed with renewable energy, David has designed and developed a solar thermal steam generation system, a wind generation system and has a wave power desalination system is on the drawing board.

    Presentation Title: Focused Concentrated Solar Power System

    Presentation Description: Our solar thermal solution creates steam, which can be used for a vast array of purposes, from power generation to water desalination. With our proprietary thermal storage system, we can use the solar thermal generation system during the day to generate power and to reconstitute our thermal battery, which will release the stored thermal energy throughout the night. The most compelling attribute of our system is its versatility, creating steam to generate electricity, desalinate water and provide for thermal storage, all within the same cycle, makes it very efficient. The urgency for supporting this effort lies in the ability for this system to be made out of inexpensive off-the-shelf components, except for the lens, which means it can be made available in burgeoning countries, to provide affordable electrical power and safe drinking water. In our own country, it can be used to offset the industrial process heating, which makes up for 10% of the total US energy consumption.

  • Eduardo Rincón-Mejía
    Eduardo Rincón-Mejía
    Professor at Autonomous University of México City

    Eduardo Rincon-Mejia´s current research focus is the development of efficient and low-cost solar concentrators primarily using nonimaging optics for a wide range of applications, such as solar cooking and food processing, sterilization, and high-flux research. Since 1986, he is an active member of the ASME, where he was President of the Solar Energy Division (2013-2014); he is also a life member of the ISES within which he has been part of the Board of Directors (2005-2009) and Secretary (2008-2009); while since 1987 he is a member of the ANES (the Mexican Solar Energy Society) where he was President (2002-2004).
    Presentation Title: Nonimaging Optics and Constructal Design Towards Optimal Solar Cookers

    Presentation Description: Today thousands of people around the world get sick or die each year from inhaling the fumes produced by the combustion of wood or other fuels around the world. These deaths and illnesses can be significantly reduced by using very efficient, reliable, safe and economical solar cookers with which any type of food can be cooked most of the days of the year. The solar cookers presented here meet these strict requirements, and can be adopted by people of all income levels. We all need to eat healthy, nutritious and tasty food, without emitting toxic and/or greenhouse gases.

  • Kerry Rippy
    Kerry Rippy
    Post Doc at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    In graduate school, I worked on organic photovoltaics, with a heavy emphasis on using electrochemistry to analyze and develop new materials. Now, I am working at NREL and a postdoc, applying my electrochemistry knowledge to mitigation of corrosion problem in concentrated solar power systems.
    Presentation Title: Electrochemical mitigation of corrosion in concentrated solar power systems

    Presentation Description: Concentrated solar power (CSP) has the potential to both produce and store energy, facilitating round-the-clock energy production and eliminating mismatches between peak demand and peak energy production. However, the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of CSP must be reduced for it to be competitive with other forms of energy production. Mitigation corrosion of containment systems, especially in chloride salt-based systems, would lower cost and facilitate use of higher, optimal temperatures, thus lowering the LCOE.

  • Samuel Schreiber
    Samuel Schreiber
    PhD Student at CU Boulder

    Sam Schreiber completed his B.S. in Engineering Physics (2017) and M.S. in Civil Engineering (2018) at Stanford University, with respective focuses in aerospace engineering and energy systems engineering. After graduating, Sam worked as an analyst at ForeFront Power, a solar project developer specializing in mid-scale (100 kW – 10 MW) installations throughout the United States and Mexico. In 2020, he joined the McGehee Group at CU Boulder to improve the efficiencies of solar cells beyond single-junction silicon. Outside of lab, Sam likes to play with his dog Nico, follow Pittsburgh sports, and go hiking up and down the Front Range.
    Presentation Title: Triple Halide Perovskite Absorbers for >27% Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells with Excellent Stability

    Presentation Description: To meet swelling popular demand for cheap, renewable energy, the efficiency of solar cells must improve to enable widespread adoption at a reduced $/kWh cost. Conventional silicon photovoltaics have been thoroughly studied and are nearing their theoretical efficiency of 31%. To surpass this limit, tandem devices consisting of two or more active layers will be needed. Metal halide perovskites are a class of photovoltaic materials that are ideal for tandem applications with silicon, leveraging existing manufacturing infrastructure. In this paper, a perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell is reported with an efficiency that exceeds the silicon single-junction record for the first time.

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