Solar 2021

SOLAR 2021 Opening Reception

The Opening Reception will feature speakers James Rattling Leaf Sr., the Coordinator of Climate Partnerships for the Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance and Peter Green, Deputy Laboratory Director at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The reception will also feature a conversation about the history of ASES and NREL as we celebrate this 50th Annual National Solar Conference anniversary.

For more information about the history of ASES and many pioneers, please check out the ISES Virtual Living Museum and the SWC50 Booklet.

The Reception will be live streamed for virtual attendees viewing.


Aug 03 2021


6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


South Terrace Tent


  • Carly Rixham
    Carly Rixham
    Executive Director, ASES

    Carly Rixham joined ASES as executive director in June, 2014. She is a renewable energy professional with a diverse background in solar, biofuels, education and wastewater management. She received her master’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she researched microalgae for the production of bio-diesel and bio-ethanol. While studying in Boulder, Rixham served as director of arts and sciences at CU Energy. She taught biology and ecology at the university and high school levels. She also was a microbiologist at BioVantage Resources, culturing algae for bio-remediation of nutrients in wastewater. Prior to renewable energy, she worked in software development and technical support at Intuit. Rixham also served as a volunteer on several ASES membership and fundraising projects.

  • Dale Miller
    Dale Miller
    University of Colorado Boulder

    Dale Miller is a native Coloradoan, and attended the University of Colorado for his undergraduate and graduate studies in physics, writing, rhetoric and the teaching of science. He has been faculty since 1999 in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Colorado-Boulder. In 2008 Dale and his wife Leslie completed building a solar home in Lakewood, Colorado, for which the city honored them with its Sustainability Award. Dale has served on the Lakewood Planning Commission for 7 years; for 3 years prior he served on a citizens advisory committee tasked with making recommendations for re-writing the city’s zoning codes, focusing on encouraging sustainable building, walkable and bikeable streets, and urban agriculture.
    Presentation Title: 13 Years of a Carbon Neutral Home

    Presentation Description: We completed building our carbon neutral home 13 years ago in part to show it could be done, and have thus kept thousands of pounds of carbon each year from entering the atmosphere. Since that time, countless homes have been built in the U.S., with few actually coming close to the low emission levels of our home. We lament this reality, and continue to speak out about it.

  • James Rattling Leaf
    James Rattling Leaf
    Climate Partnerships for the Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance

    James Rattling Leaf, Sr. is coordinator of Climate Partnerships for the Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance and Principal, Rattling Leaf Consulting LLC in Black Hawk, South Dakota. A member of South Dakota’s Rosebud Sioux tribe, James has served as a Visiting Collaborator, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; Director, Geo-Spatial Applications Center, Sinte Gleska University; Board Member, Education Committee, American Geophysical Union (AGU); Fellow, International Indigenous Resource Management Institute, Denver; Cultural Advisory Board Member, Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab; Board of Directors, South Dakota National Science Foundation EpSCOR; Member, NASA Space Grant Consortium EpSCOR Technical Advisory Committee; and Cultural Advisor, NOAA National Integrated Drought Information Systems (NIDIS). James received his B.A. in Lakota Studies from Sinte Gleska University (Rosebud Reservation, Mission, South Dakota).

  • Peter Green
    Peter Green
    Deputy Laboratory Director, Science and Technology at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    Peter F. Green is the deputy laboratory director for Science and Technology and the chief research officer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. After spending eleven years at Sandia National Laboratories, Green moved to The University of Texas-Austin, where he became the B.F. Goodrich Endowed Professor of Materials Engineering and a professor of chemical engineering. He subsequently moved to the University of Michigan, where he was the Vincent T. and Gloria M. Gorguze Endowed Professor of Engineering, as well as professor of Materials Science and Engineering, chemical engineering and applied physics. He served as director of a DOE Energy Frontiers Research Center (EFRC): Center for Solar and Thermal Energy Conversion.
    Green’s prior leadership experience includes serving as president of the Materials Research Society (MRS). He was elected to the status of Fellow for the Materials Research Society, American Physical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry (United Kingdom), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is a former Divisional Associate Editor for Physical Review Letters and Inaugural Editor in Chief for MRS Communications. Green is a recipient of a DOE Award of Excellence and a Secretary of Energy Achievement Award.
    Green earned both B.A. and M.A. degrees in physics from Hunter College, as well as M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in materials science and engineering from Cornell University.

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