Solar 2021

Social and Environmental Justice Keynote

Session Moderator: Dara Bortman

Building on the conference theme of “Empowering a Sustainable Future,” this session focuses on the topics of racism and social justice as they intersect with energy in general and renewable energy in particular.  People in marginalized communities have often borne the burden of environmental exploitation and energy injustice in the name of unrestrained development and technical advancement.  Here, the discussion is on these problem areas and on a vision of paths forward, how we can work together to ensure that all communities benefit from the clean energy transition, and how empowering a sustainable future can bring benefit to everyone without harming the most vulnerable among us.  Each speaker presentation will be 20 minutes, and will allow questions in the final few minutes.


Aug 05 2021


9:00 am - 10:30 am


Center Ballroom


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