NABCEP Course: Energy Storage Intensive

This Energy Storage Intensive Workshop will count for NABCEP Credit and will be fast paced and cover a lot of information. Students are recommended to plan on being alert, taking good notes, read the instructors books and study the material intensively for the week following the course. For maximum learning, students can read the instructor’s book Energy Storage Basics before the course. You can buy it here:

This course will include a $200 discount for Sean’s Energy Storage Associate Boot Camp at

Topics covered include Energy Storage Systems (ESS) vs. Storage Batteries, Lithium-Ion Chemistries, Flow Batteries, Fuel Cells, Lead-Acid Batteries, Charge Controllers, Inverters, AC and DC Coupling, Ancillary Services, Self-Consumption, Power vs. Energy Ratings, System Sizing, Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale Storage.

A printable color digital certificate Included with course, along with .pdf files of the presentation.

Your instructor is based in the US and teaches classes internationally.

Instructor’s resume and more can be seen at


Jun 23 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Santa Ana A&B
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