NABCEP Course: Energy Storage and the NEC

Energy Storage and the NEC

This workshop will be jam-packed with NEC (National Electrical Code) Energy Storage insight and interpretation. Sean White teaches Energy Storage courses around the world and has authored many technical Storage and Solar books. There is a chapter on Energy Storage and the NEC in Sean’s book, PV and the NEC, which he co-authored with Bill Brooks. Read it before the workshop for maximum benefit! Sean will fill you up with as much information as possible in the time given, while entertaining you.

We will primarily focus on the 2020 NEC and refer to earlier versions where there were dramatic changes. Included in this workshop will be explanations on when to use NEC 706 Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and when, or if you should use NEC 480 Storage Batteries. Other articles covered will be 710 Stand-Alone Systems, 705 Interconnected Power Production Sources, 712 DC Microgrids, 625 Electric Vehicle Power Transfer Systems, and of course references to 690 PV Systems, this is the original Solar Energy Society after all!

Did you know that the NEC allows us to backfeed your house with electric vehicles (EVs) and that it is just the EV manufacturers holding us back? Be ready for when EV manufactures let us do what they already should have.

This course will count for NABCEP continuing education requirements in every category and will also count for prerequisites for NABCEP Certification.

This course will count towards NABCEP CE and Prerequisite Credits and will include a $200 discount for Sean’s advanced online Storage and PV classes, which you can find at

A printable color Digital Certificate Included with course, along with digital pdf files of the presentation.

Instructor’s resume and more can be seen at


Jun 23 2022


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Santa Ana A&B
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