2023 Board of Directors Election

Henry Vandermark

I would like to serve on the ASES board to help ensure ASES can provide future professionals the benefits I received starting at my first ASES conference. I attended the ASES conference “Passive Solar, State of the Art” which was the second national passive solar conference and was filled with architects, engineers and economists presenting topics from solar for buildings through policy for our communities. ASES had the audacity and wisdom to put traditionally adversarial professions on the same stage. A builder and architect, like the artist and engineer could share the same stage working toward a common goal. I remember comments from the stage like “why are we, architect and builder in this session”, but teams of “whole system thinking” are larger and of wider interests than single professions. So, peer review takes on that big picture necessary for the ASES goal of a 100% renewable economy. Cross-pollination of professional ideas is important As a member of the solar thermal industry, I am chair of the ASES solar thermal division but believe all the divisions need increase attention and hope the membership can join me and others building that so young professionals can learn as I did.

Ben Luce

Hello, my name is Dr. Ben Luce, and I’m proud to have been nominated to serve on the Board of the American Solar Energy Society. As a physicist who specializes in energy science with an eye towards protecting the environment, I have long been convinced of the enormous potential of solar energy to meet the needs of our society in a manner that is both environmentally and socially sound. From 1995 through 2007 I served continuously with the New Mexico Solar Energy Association, the first state chapter of ASES, and as Director of the New Mexico Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy. In those capacities I did everything I could to educate the public and bring about strong state policies in support of solar development. Since that time I’ve taught scores of university students about solar technologies and their potential, and I’ve striven to further clean energy development in my community. I believe that solar is now finally on the cusp of profoundly transforming our energy system, and should I be elected to the ASES Board, I look forward to working with this great organization to further public knowledge and appreciation of this most crucial of energy sources. Thank you for your support, and for supporting clean energy development in general.

David Ginley

I have served for 3 years on the board and am excited about the proactive directions that ASES has developed over this time with respect to growth in membership, diversity and inclusion and an increasing emphasis in the role of solar in achieving sustainability and energy equity in the US and Globally. As chair of Governance I have helped develop a more nimble organizational structure adaptable to the size and increasing breadth of ASES activities. In addition, I was the technical chair for the 2021 ASES meeting where many new synergistic topic areas were introduced. I have tried to overall help facilitate the development of a 5 year strategic vision for ASES. ASES is in many ways unique serving a diversity of communities from research, to deployment, to the public. This is of great value as we move to the future; we must continue to serve this diverse customer/member base and their needs. I also believe that our role in the education of a growing diverse community with interest in solar will be a key area of emphasis in the future. I would very much like to help ASES both grow and define itself over the next 3 years.


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